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    At Dearborn Park, we strive to provide a solid foundation for your child's education in a safe, nurturing environment, with high expectations.


    We create and deliver a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. Our English language arts and math teaching is grounded in the Common Core Standards. Using research based academic tools including Readers and Writers Workshops, Math in Focus and Arts Impact, along with their many personal interests and passions, our dedicated, highly-qualified, wonderfully diverse faculty and staff provides high quality, standards based instruction.

    We offer academic rigor through complex and critical thinking while integrating and infusing subjects in our hands-on, project-based instruction for all students at every grade level.

    English/Language Arts (ELA), math, social studies, science, technology, the arts, and social/emotional learning are among the subject areas taught each day at Dearborn Park.

    English/Language Arts (ELA): In reading and writing, also called English/Language Arts (ELA), our teachers' use complex instruction based upon data collection to meet student needs, and team teaching to ensure differentiation. We use common planning time and collaborative team time to analyze data and to inform instruction. We also have a tutor for each Kindergarten through 3rd grade class to work with students in fluid groups that are determined by data.

    Math: Math tutoring is available after school at Dearborn Park through the grade level teacher who teaches math, as well as in-school assistance, and we have a weekly Math Club that meets after school. Students in grade levels 2-5 also have access to ST Math, which is an interactive web-based computer intervention.

    Please visit the Seattle Public School's Mathematics Program webpages to learn more about our math program.

    Social Studies, Science, Technology, The Arts, and Social/Emotional Learning: Social studies, science, visual art, dance, drama, and social/emotional learning are interwoven into literacy and math, using common core standards and Washington State Grade Level Expectations, Arts Impact, and other curricula to provide well-balanced, high quality instruction.

    Physical Education (PE): Kevin Colo'n ("Coach C")  teaches, coaches, and mentors Dearborn Park Students in our outstanding P.E. program. All students learn uni-cycling, juggling, jump rope, hand walking, ball walking, tumbling and double-dutch activities in Physical Education classes.

    Music & Dance: All students at Dearborn Park study music theory, music appreciation, vocal and instrumental performance and dance performance in Helen Zhou's exceptional music and dance program. Dearborn Park is proud of its award-winning dance program, in which interested students learn many forms of dance, including creative dance; multicultural dances inspired by the cultures of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Philippines; American street, folk, and country dance; and Power Dancing (choreographed acrobatics), which she developed with Mr. Adams.

    Mandarin/Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion Program: Students in dual language programs:
    • Learn to read, write and speak well in both languages.
    • Do better in ALL subjects on standardized tests.
    • Learn to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
    • Have more job opportunities and better pay.
    • Develop pride in their own language and culture.

    Beginning in 2014-2015, language immersion programs are offered in kindergarten. After the 2014-2015 school year, students entering grades 2 and above must demonstrate grade-level proficiency in the immersion language in order to participate in the Spanish/English or Mandarin/English dual language immersion program.

    Online Resources for Families

    Detailed online resources for families are available on the Seattle School District's website in Online Student Resources.

    Online English/Language Arts (ELA) Resources for Families

    Online Math Resources for Families

    • Family Letters: Everyday Math Family Letters are provided at the beginning of the year,at the end of every unit, and with selected Home Links to explain upcoming content and activities and establish a partnership between home and school. Letters are available online in English and Spanish. Links to these letters are maintained by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.
    • Everyday Math Online: Access to interactive reference materials, family letters, and games. Student login required to access reference materials and games.
    • Getting Started Using Everyday Math Online: Information about how to log in to Everyday Math Online for the first time. Contact you student's teacher to obtain username and password.
    • Everyday Math Parent Connection: Online Family Resources including tips, do-anytime activities, and literature lists
    • Everyday Math Games: A list of Everyday Math Games by each grade level, the skills practiced, and online games that reinforce these skills.
    • CMP2: Resources for 5th Grade Families

    Academic Programs and Services

    • ELL
    • ALO: Dearborn Park has been officially designated as an Advanced Learning Opportunity Pathway School by the Seattle School District. Our school went through an extensive accreditation and review process, which included a team of teachers, and a written plan to address needs of advanced learners. We currently have five teachers involved in this program at our school.

      This means we have trained staff who work with accelerated learners at each grade level in reading, writing and math. If a child excels in Math, they might be placed in an ALOP math group in their classroom even though their reading and writing might need improvement. This is often true with English Language Learners. We are just starting this program and we are excited about developing it further.

      Please contact our office ( if you would like information about our program.

    • Extended Day Kindergarten
    • Resource Room