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    Check Our April Library News    April is School Library Month

    pageahead logoPage  will again provide K, 1, 2nd graders with 12 books for summer reading through their "Book-Up Summer" program. Parent info night is Tuesday April 24th at 6:30PM and the fair runs Weds-Friday April 25-27.  Volunteers are needed to help the fair run smoothly.  Contact Mr Seasholes. The PTA asks parents to donate $5/student for the 12 books, but no child is turned away for lack of funds.

    Two Author Visits on the Library Horizon
    Author/playwright Emil Sher will present his book "Away" to K-2 students on Monday April 30th in the library. Based on messages between parent and child shared via "Sticky-Notes," our 1st and 2nd grade students will get to create their own versions of the story in workshop writing exercises with Mr Sher.  Copies of "Away" are available for sale from the PTA.
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    Tough issues call out for great books. 
    Ghost Boys is a great new book.

    Time and again Author Jewell Parker Rhodes will be at Dearborn Park
    to speak with 4-5th grade students on May 3rd at 1:30. 

    Her just-released Ghost Boys squarely addresses difficult and complex issues  in our society; a starred review  notes, "Rhodes captures the all-too-real pain of racial injustice and provides an important window for readers who are just beginning to explore the ideas of privilege and implicit bias.
    Here is an interview with Jewell on "The Take-Away" on WNYC.
    Copies of Ghost Boys will be available for sale on the 3rd.

     The SPL Summer Reading Challenge will be presented to our students on Friday June 8th. 

    Bookmark the DPIS Glog as an online resource to use with your students, all are "Bookman approved."

    Looking back:
    Author Charles Waters presented an all school assembly on Thurs. Jan. 25th featuring his new book of poems written with Irene Latham on the topic of "Race, Mistakes and Friendship." Check out this video of student poets reading their poems inspired by Mr Waters along with STYLE's Nate Bogopolsky.

    Feb. 5-9th Mr B Nate Bogopolsky and Tiffany Wilson with LearningWithSTYLE led our 4-5th graders in a week-long residency to write songs based on "Can I Touch Your Hair: Poems of Race, Mistakes and Friendship." Thanks to the Northwest Literacy Foundation and The Bushwick Book Club Seattle and the DPIS PTA for making this opportunity possible. Read about it 

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    Mon 1/29 3rd graders met author Stephanie Barden as she shared her story of writing and her love of libraries. We want to say thanks to Stephanie for 5 years of generous  support to our library. Kids love her books!

     authors Laura Atkins and Stan Yogi visited in Nov 2017Korematsu book cover and presented Fred Korematsu Speaks Up to students and families.  Thanks to both the SCAChurch and Antioch University for their support in bringing the conversation to social justice to our community.  

    Our library and information technology (LIT) program provides a unique environment for celebrating literacy and learning to use information effectively School LIT framework here. 
    Volunteers help keep our library program growing. Drop in help is  welcome, regular volunteers ROCK! Stop by or email Mr Seasholes.  

    Kwame Alexander on Reading

    Young Peoples Literature Ambassador Jacqueline Woodson's Inaugural Address

    Why Reading is Important?

    One thing that we all NEED to find time for is reading to our children for 30 minutes each day. According to the leading experts on this topic, here are the reasons why:

    • Children who read: succeed. The most significant part of a child's mental growth between the ages of three and seven is the ability to imagine. Books boost imagination. Our popular television culture degrades imagination.
    • After a tiring day nothing is more restful than reading with a child on your lap. Reading aloud offers a world of privacy, dignity, and love to both of you.