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    Helen Zhou

    All students at Dearborn Park from kindergarten through fifth grade attend two to three music classes per week, where they study music theory, music appreciation, vocal and instrumental performance and dance performance. Performance teacher Helen Zhou believes that children are natural performers who intuitively understand the relationship between music and movement. Instruction in the performing arts helps students develop coordination, rhythm, and self-confidence and encourages teamwork and cooperation.

    Dearborn Park is proud of its award-winning dance program, coached by Ms. Zhou. Interested students learn many forms of dance, including creative dance; multicultural dances inspired by the cultures of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Philippines; American street, folk, and country dance; and Power Dancing (choreographed acrobatics).

    Dearborn’s dance troupes perform for school assemblies and events, other schools in the district, and at community events. We were recently invited to perform at Benaroya Hall for the 100th anniversary of the Seattle Symphony. Ms. Zhou and our talented Vietnamese bilingual aide, Mr. Quang Dang, design and create the award-winning costumes students wear for performances.

    If you would like to inquire about scheduling a performance or have any questions, please contact 206-252-6969 or email

    Children performing in costume