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Mask Mandate Lift FAQs

Summary: FAQs for parents who want to know more about the new masking rules.

Can you share how the DPIS vaccination rate was determined? I do not recall submitting our child’s vaccine card.

Our school nurse has access to vaccinations rates.  Aggregate numbers were shared, and not individual info.

I’m assuming that the bargaining with SEA about masks actually happened? And ended in both parties agreeing to make masks optional?

There is more conversation to follow. 

Can we make sure that folks who are asking for others don’t need to constantly do it and have the space to make that preference know?

Yes.  Methods of communication and reminders have been discussed.  (mask signs)

If there is an immuno-compromised student or teacher, is there an opportunity for a family or teacher to make a request for masks in that classroom? 

Masks CANNOT be enforced in the building.  A request may not be honored by all students, staff, or families that may be in the building, but it will be encouraged. 

You may have just addressed this, but what are the recommendations following travel. We will be flying over spring break and want to be sure we follow recommendations afterward.

There are no travel restrictions. 

Do you know if the COVID data dashboard for the district will continue to be updated?

Covid Data Dashboard will be updated.

I heard there were some special circumstances when giving this guidance at the state level during music/singing. Have you heard any guidance on this?

Masks will be required for some music/instrument.  Special masks are provided for instruments. 

Can parents let the school know they would prefer their child to be masked so they know which students to remind and which not?

Parents can inform teachers or staff, but it is best to communicate that to your child.  We will try and support students by giving reminders of parent’s wishes as much as possible. 

Is it possible that multicultural night (or some type of student performance) might happen this year?

In-person events are very possible for this year.  Some planning is happening for small events.  More information to follow.

Parent asked if we can put those students who is not wearing mask eat lunch outside?

We can’t and will not. We can ask students if they would like to eat outside, but we cannot enforce eating outside or masking.