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Tips for Learning from Home

Tips from the Counselor

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5 Tips for Learning at Home

Julie M Sullenszino, Counselor shares 5 Tips for Learning at Home

Ask for Help – you don’t have to do it all yourself

  • *Teachers – that is what they are here for—let them know
  • *Family – grandparents, neighbors, older siblings

Set Up Your Space

  • *Limit Distractions – Sitting up, Only Materials Needed
  • *Quiet Space for Learning – Pets away, Talking in other rooms

Make a Schedule

  • *Your Work – Help kids understand when you need to work
  • *Sharing the Computer –  So everyone can get their learning time

Be Present for Learning

  • *Be Near – Don’t babysit but notice when they are off track

Take Care of You

  • *You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself

5 Tips for Going to School Online

What’s the same and what’s different about learning at home

School is in EVERYDAY

  • *What’s the Same – Mon- Friday; 8-3
  • *What’s Different – You won’t do work everyday, you work at your own pace each week

Teachers are available to help

  • *What’s the Same – they work 8-3; you can get individual attention
  • *What’s Different – they usually respond within 2 hours so make sure you check back; they may reach out at different time if they are available

They need to see your brain

  • *What’s the Same – assignments are due; you be asked to work to your ability; you may need to make corrections
  • *What’s Different – assignments may be different from when you were in class; you can work at your own pace and choose which activity you do first or next

You are responsible for your learning

  • *What’s the Same – You will turn in assignments; you will learn new things if you try them
  • *What’s Different – You have to log in and keep track of assignments; you will have to be more independent; your teachers and folks won’t be able to be with you every time you need to learn

You are part of the learning community

  • *What’s the Same – Learning is better with everyone’s voice and brain; so participate and engage; kindness and safety are still needed for a good learning community
  • *What’s Different – Being off task is more noticeable to others; your words and actions can help or hurt others; you may have to adjust to being on camera and speaking online