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    How to Become Involved with Dearborn Park International School

    We LOVE and NEED our wonderful Dearborn Park International School volunteers and chaperones. When students see family and friends joining in at school, it builds on a positive school climate and culture in so many ways.

    We welcome our families and community to become involved in our wonderful school in any way that you can. 

    Whether you can join us in our school, or on field trips, or if you want to become a part of our PTA, or even if you would like to donate money or supplies, we warmly invite you to become a part of our Dearborn Park International School family.

    Please join us in our school, lunchroom, classrooms, library on projects, at events, on field trips, and show your support. 

    Ongoing volunteering is always welcomed, but so is the occasional volunteering when you find time to pitch in.

    Please check out Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Handbook. to read more about what volunteering means here at DPIS or explore our PTA, and Volunteer web pages, or contact our assistant secretary Karen Lam at Scroll down for more information, or jump to a section on this page using the links below

    What Dearborn Park Volunteers Do

    We have projects for everyone; and for speakers of all languages, levels, and skills. We have many opportunities, and ongoing volunteering is welcome!

    Here are just a few examples of volunteer opportunities:

    • Crossing guard duty
    • Volunteers with Mandarin Chinese and Spanish skills
    • Classrooms
      • reading with students
      • art projects
      • classroom events
      • organization of supplies, classroom materials, books, etc
      • chaperoning field trips
    • Before school supervision
      • Support in our cafeteria as we provide a free breakfast for all students
    • After school programs
      • Assisting in Mr. Reggie’s Enrichment Club
      • Assisting in SCATS on Tuesdays and Thursdays
      • Assisting in our Reading Club
    • Lunch supervision
      • Support our students as they fuel their brain with food during lunch time
    • Recess supervision
      • Help make recess a fun and engaging time for all students
      • Support in the library where students get an opportunity for tech time
    • Library volunteers including new book prep, re-shelving, book fairs, special projects and displays
    • and much, much more!

    How to become a Dearborn Park volunteer

    In order to volunteer or chaperone, you must first be cleared by the Seattle School District at least 24 hours BEFORE participating. Please submit all the required forms and documents found on the Seattle Public Schools Volunteer web page: a New Window.

    If you have a specific field trip or volunteer opportunity that you want to participate in you must have given all paperwork to the DPIS office no later than 24 hours before.

    Background checks take 24 hours to process. Unfortunately, those wishing to volunteer or chaperone will NOT be able to participate if forms are submitted on the morning or day of the volunteering opportunity or field trip.

    For more information about volunteering at Dearborn Park contact Karen Lam in our front office.

    That's it! Welcome, DPIS Volunteer! You can volunteer and/or chaperone the day after you turn in your paperwork, and as much as you want for the rest of the school year.

    The Family Room

    DPIS Family Room Contact Information

    Contact Karen Lam
    206 252-6934

    Dearborn Park International
    2820 S. Orcas St.
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Mailstop SM-251

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